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Public Liability Insurance

To get a special deal on Public Liability Insurance please write to Ian Davidson at our sister Federation: the FVFS (Federation of Victorian Film Societies).


Please include the following details:

  • The name of your Film Society.
  • The location/address of your screenings.
  • Which Federation you are a member of (New South Wales Federation of Film Societies)
  • The number of members you have.
  • Whether you require $10 Million or $20 Million cover,
  • Details of any special events or festivals you wish to include.
  • The date you want your cover to commence.
  • Your annual gross income (if applicable)
  • Your film society's contact person: Their name, address, email and phone number.


Please attach a copy of your NSW Federation membership certificate to your email.

What happens next?

Ian will pass on your details to the recommended insurer and make sure you get a discount.

The insurance company will send you a detailed, no-obligation quote.

Thereafter the insurance company will deal with you directly.

Constitution of New South Wales Federation of Film Societies